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Risal LegalRisal Legal

We offer solicitors a prompt and effective service for accident victims, working alongside our partner organisations. We ensure that patients are assessed as soon as possible after incidents, followed with accurate reports with recommendations to restore them to full health as soon as possible.

We provide Expert Witness services to clients who require this service for litigation, arbitration and court appearances – assisting courts of law on specialist matters within our scope of work.


Our experts are experienced in preparing written reports and giving oral evidence.

They will:


  • Only express opinions and deal with matters which are within the limits of their professional competence
  • prepare promptly, professional and unbiased reports for presentation as evidence
  • Present reports in which are accurate and in clear, uncomplicated language
  • Present unbiased and balanced opinions , with a clarity about how opinions or judgements have been arrived at
  • Make clear any conflicts of interest in any case in which they are involved


Why instruct us?


  • We assess and treat a broad range of musculo-skeletal conditions arising from either road traffic accidents or work related incidents. We are therefore able to draw on our wealth of experience in clinical reasoning.
  • We carry out Functional Capacity Evaluations which give a clear indication of the employee’s ability to carry out specified tasks
  • Our reports are prompt and can be ready within two weeks of instruction.